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Amaloka Adventure is an inbound Bhutan Travel specialist based in the kingdom of Bhutan and managed by a committed dedicated team of professionals who are passionate about their jobs and love nothing more than sharing the precious gifts of Bhutan with the world

We are also a travel partner with if you wish to do some tour in Thailand before you catch a flight from Bangkok to Bhutan.

Your Travel Guide to Bhutan

Amaloka Adventure, we are specialized in introducing travelers in Bhutan, the colorful realm of the thunder dragon king. As the official representative of the Bhutanese royal government’s national carrier and a licensed tour operator in Bhutan, California and Thailand, we provide all the services you need for a safe and memorable Bhutanese adventure.

Amaloka will handle your ticketing and visa paper work and help you plan a customized private journey group tour or business trip to Bhutan.

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+975-17450449 (Bhutan) | +1(310) 968-3067 (California)

How to travel to Bhutan

The best way to reach to this beautiful kingdom is via Bangkok to Bhutan. That’s why our travel partner in Thailand will assist you to get airport without any problem.

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.240 DalitHouse Prachasongicao road, Dindaeng District, Bangkok 10400, Thailand.

What We Offer

Amalokha tourism industry have a positive impact on your visit. Our main dream is to promote world peace through our exposure of three main treasures of our country: tradition, natural environment and its society.

  • We have partner with travel lines if you are travelling through Bangkok to help you with that transition. See our contacts page.
  • We are sure to provide you with activities with secure service.
  • We will make sure to let you visit again because we are going to serve you like a family.
  • We have our best service for your time meals, rooms and essentials requirements.
  • We provide you efficient timing duties during your visit with us.


“ Superb service, friendly staffs, and well planned trips.”

Norbu Wangdi, Thailand

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